dangly-bits dot com

Yarrr! Ye be visitin' the home page of Team Jolly Rogers and this be the place where we shows you our dangly-bits. Pull up a chair, imbibe jar o' rum, a tankard of ale, a flagon o' mead. a hearty Madiera... or maybe a glass of cold, frosty lemonade... and allow us to tout our wares. Once ye've seen what's we has to offer, we be thinkin' ye'll establish a need to seek us out and perhaps even partake of a modicum of our offerings. When we knows where we'll be, then ye'll be knowin', to boot.

Hold on, what's that again?

To put it in plain English, instead of Pirate... This is dangly-bits dot com, where the folks who create that lovely dangly hair jewelry and other items of interest have their Web site. Pull up a chair, get some kind of liquid refreshment and browse through our site. We have some pictorial samples of our work, a little about us and a lot about what we believe in and why we're doing this.

Here also you may find our faire schedule (varies by availability, circumstances, and life, so keep a weather eye on the page!) so you can find us and (hopefully) BUY from us. And of course you can ask about our Custom Orders.

Do you do Custom Orders?

Glad you asked. Yes, we do. If you find something on the site close to what you have in mind, but not quite, please contact us with more specifics and we'll do what we can to accommodate your need.

What, exactly, *is* a Dangly Bit?

A dangly-bit is a bit o' shine... a sparkly doo-dad, a wee bit o' pirate booty, a lovely item that dangles... and specifically here, it's an item of hair jewelry which is attached to either a comb-clip, a hair-pick or a two-pronged hair fork. You may have seen a certain Pirate fellow in a recent movie or two, sporting something quite similar in his dreadlocks.

Rest assured, ours don't require two hours of weaving into your hair to wear - actually, most folks find themselves wearing our dangly-bits within a matter of a moment or two.

What else do you have on this site?

Back at the top left of the page, you'll find a set of links. They'll take you to the Who, What, When/Where and Why of dangly-bits dot com.

Mainly, though, we have dangly bits. Oh, and maybe a necklace or fob or other jewelry. An occasional Dragon or Faery. Maybe some Faery houses too. Yes, and even a story or three.

Why are you doing this?

Why, indeed? Please check out the why page and find out more.

The bottom line:

Yep. You've reached the bottom of the page. We would like to thank you for your visit, and we invite you to poke about at our links and enjoy your stay.